The Ministry of Women and Social Affairs

The Federal Ministry of Women and Social Affairs (MoWSA) discharges various lofty duties which include, among others, initiating policies, strategies and regulations which are concerned with Women, Children, Youth, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), Elders and other vulnerable sections of society, and preparing implementation programmes as appropriate;  tackling socioeconomic problems  with special attention to Elders and PWDs, in collaboration with relevant partners and stakeholders; ensuring constitutional protection for family as the foundation of society, designing and implementing the necessary strategies in partnership with concerned  bodies;  as well as establishing a modern system for organizing and interpreting data on all beneficiaries of social protection programme.MoWSA is represented by Mr. Mohamud Kedir in the Local Organizing Committee (LoC). Mr. Mohammed has been serving the Ministry as a Team Leader at the Disability Affairs Directorate, Ministry of Women and Social Affairs. Currently, he is a Social Rehabilitation Senior Expert. His main duties focus on enhancing the social rehabilitation programs, improving the quality of life of individuals with disabilities through strategic initiatives and inclusive practices. His work is aligned with international standards for disability rights, ensuring that rehabilitation services are accessible and effective.